1. dpkg -l : list all package installed on the system
  2. dpkg -L [package-name] : list the file installed by a package
  3. dpkg -S [file-name] : knowing which package installed a file
  4. dpkg -i [package.deb] : install a local .deb file
  5. /var/log/dpkg.log : log of dpkg operation
APT (Advance Packaging Tool)
  1. apt edit-sources : edit a repository
  2. apt-cache search [package-name] : searching for a package
  3. apt install [package-name] : install a package
  4. apt remove [package-name] : remove a package
  5. apt autoremove [package-name] : remove a package with a unused
  6. apt remove --purge [package-name] : remove a package with the configuration files
  7. apt update : update system (update the package index)
  8. apt upgrade : upgrade system (upgrade the package index)
Installation methods