NSX General Section

  1. Make sure NSX Edge working properly.
  2. Make sure VirtualMachines can connect to each NSX Edge.
  3. Make sure network on VirtualMachines is configured properly.
  4. Make sure NAT for VirtualMachines is working properly.

NSX IPSec Section

  1. Configure pre-shared key.
  2. Create ipsec profile (must match with gcp).

  1. Start nsx firewall services.
  2. Start nsx ipsec services.

GCP General Section

  1. Create VPC Network.
    • Define VM subnet :
    • Define rules : allow icmp and ssh from all.
    • Create test instance with this vpc.

GCP IPSec Section

  1. Login to GCP Console.
  2. Go to hybrid connection > VPN.
  3. Create VPN Connection > Choose classic VPN.
  4. Create VPN Profiles.


  1. VPN Status must be established like below.

  1. Test connection ping/telnet from inside VMs (ping/telnet/tcpdump/etc)