vCenter Server is a service that acts as a central administrator for ESXi hosts connected in a network. vCenter Server lets you pool and manage the resources of multiple hosts.

You can install vCenter Server on a Windows virtual machine or physical server, or deploy the vCenter Server Appliance. The vCenter Server Appliance is a preconfigured Linux-based virtual machine optimized for running vCenter Server and the vCenter Server components. You can deploy the vCenter Server Appliance on ESXi hosts 6.0 or later, or on vCenter Server instances 6.0 or later.

Starting with vSphere 6.0, all prerequisite services for running vCenter Server and the vCenter Server components are bundled in the VMware Platform Services Controllerâ„¢. You can deploy vCenter Server with an embedded or external Platform Services Controller, but you must always install or deploy the Platform Services Controller before installing or deploying vCenter Server.

vSphere Installation Workflow

Installation Procedure
Deploy or install vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller

  1. Verify that your system meets the hardware and software requirements for deploying the appliance :

    • When you use Fully Qualified Domain Names, verify that the client machine from which you are deploying the appliance and the network on which you are deploying the appliance use the same DNS server.
    • Synchronize the clocks of the target server and all vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller instances on the vSphere network
  2. Determine the deployment method to use.

  3. Deploy the appliance.

    • Download and extract vcenter_VMware-VCSA-all-6.7.0-14070457.iso.

    • You will find VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance- file.

    • Deploy VCSA Ova file as VirtualMachine one level and same network with EXSi host, if you use FQDN you need to make sure that FQDN its resolved.

    • Start and login to VCSA Shell as root, make sure networking & connectivity.

    • Open https://[ip-address]:5480/ in client browser.

    • Install and configure SSO with installation wizzard (2 stages).

    • Make sure no issue at installation progress.

    • Login to vcenter server with vsphere web client.

For further reference : https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.7/vsphere-vcenter-server-67-installation-guide.pdf .